We love what we do

We love what we do Atom Foundation


From the time we have been working on ICT projects within the

Atom Foundation

, engaging with different organizations, it has been nothing but a greatly informative experience. Like Steve Jobs said, “your


is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. We have explored different journeys in different small and large businesses, portfolios and educational institutions. It has also been a great pleasure to talk to small-medium business owners and get them to share with us what they are passionate about and the difference they want to make for Durban and South Africa. We worked with Amanzimtoti High School and Laurie MacKinnon Occupational Therapist. These people are passionate about what they do. We are grateful to be part of making the difference, be it Socio-Economic Development, Supplier Development, Enterprise Development, and Skills Development.


Working with different types of niches of the business has been challenging but we learned a lot from that. I am saying this because we must understand many aspects within those organizations, what drives them and how each of these industries operates.  We are literally tapping into their working space for a moment. We are blessed to be within Atom Foundation and work with different types of industries, from Education, Industrial Printing, Health, Logistics to mention a few. What I like is that, as much as it is challenging, we are given a platform to do our best to improve the quality of our work.


Working as a developer and a designer might be a dream job for many. I think what leads to that dream is the satisfaction of seeing the final product or system and knowing that the client is happy with his/her online presence. As a junior developer at Atom Foundation, I’ve worked on a lot of projects in different fields as mentioned above. It is fun and a little challenging because you may have to switch from one design to another most of the time to provide clients with the best and unique design for their websites.

It involves being creative and always thinking out of the box, thinking ahead to make it easy for the client to provide the relevant information. We learn something new every day, which is one of the coolest parts, meeting our clients and seeing smiles in their faces on what we have come up with. That’s what we are here for.

A big thank you to the Atom Foundation team for helping me launch my little boat into the great unknown of the world wide web. I am delighted with my website! They patiently guided me through the process of choosing a general “look” and then allowed me great freedom to change my mind and experiment as we went along. I really appreciated this, as I realized my idea of what my website should look like became clearer with the process, rather than being set beforehand! Thank you!

A few months ago, our school decided that our website was long overdue for an update. All the technical details were a bit overwhelming, so we decided to get some help. Atom Foundation worked with us from step one and helped us with the site. They guided us through the planning stage and came up with a wonderful fresh design that we all immediately loved. We supplied all the content and pictures and the Atom Foundation team did all the heavy lifting. We are thrilled with the new updated look of our website. We would recommend this team to anyone with web related projects.

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