Success In the Making

Dyefin textiles, Atom Foundation, Freight Express

Another success story, another progress for a business on its way to the top. With the help of Dyefin Textiles, Atom Foundation had an opportunity to work with Freight Express, to support part of their IT infrastructure. It was a great opportunity to build a relationship with Mr. Jerain Moodley, the enthusiastic and passionate businessman eager to bring change in the logistics industry in Durban.

Small enterprises in KZN and South Africa are contributing to economic growth by creating jobs and empowering lives and improving the standards of living for young citizens together with their communities. At Atom Foundation, we are for success, we are for skills development and moving forward to see more successful businesses around us.

Helping businesses achieve sustainability and growth is vital for both the development of industries and corporations. Businesses like Dyefin Textiles has been operating for over 25 years and they have the small business at heart. This involves the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Enterprise Development is emerging around the world with job creation being one of the impacts of success.

Atom Foundation facilitates Enterprise Development Initiative with businesses like Freight Express as an element of BB-BEE which aims to create jobs, sustain lives and combat poverty in South Africa and around the globe.

Great thanks to Dyefin Textiles for funding the IT Support project for Freight Express with the support that aims to pass knowledge to the Atom Foundation Team and provide a start-up IT essentials to Freight Express. Development, survival, and success in black businesses!

Freight Express would like to thank Atom Foundation for their generous Enterprise Development support. Being a startup enterprise Freight Express will definitely benefit from the IT support provided by Atom Foundation towards the growth of the company. A massive thank you to Reg Glutz, Kevin Meredith, Makgabo Morema and her team. From the outset you guys have provided a warm welcome, best advice, you listened to our needs and presented the best IT solution possible that you could provide for the growth of our business. Also continuous updates/communication throughout the process. Really blessed to have been selected to receive your support.

Thanks again and God Bless. Jerain Moodley 

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